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AcariaHealth Specialty Pharmacy

Services for Providers

AcariaHealth provides specialty pharmacy services with a patient-centered approach. We draw upon our innovative clinical programs to help patients understand the complexities of their disease condition. We manage their drug benefit in the most effective way to help them get the right medication and therapy at the right time in the right setting to achieve improved patient health outcomes.

At AcariaHealth, we value our strong relationships with the provider community and partner with healthcare specialists to serve the patient in the most effective manner. We bridge management of pharmacy and medical benefits, and streamline prescribing with a preauthorization process that increases efficiencies and works in tandem with the healthcare specialists’ preferred software.

We want to make a real difference in the way that pharmacy benefits are managed to ensure that patients have access to great healthcare services and their medications so they can achieve their best outcomes. We look forward to working with our healthcare specialist partners.

AcariaHealth Specialty Pharmacy services include:

  • Protocol-driven patient clinical programs that support the patient’s care
  • Prior authorization across benefits
  • Bridging pharmacy and medical to enhance communication regarding patient’s treatment
  • Adherence monitoring and support programs
  • Comprehensive patient education including IV and injectable drug therapy training
  • State-of-the-art technology solutions
  • Coordination of nursing services
  • Robust field team to facilitate and support provider’s needs
  • Copay assistance support to mitigate financial stressors
  • Drug recall alert programs
  • Comprehensive enrollment forms that minimize pharmacy callbacks
  • Free express delivery to patient, physician office or alternate site of care, when permitted
  • Support buy and bill process through wholesale distribution


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Last Updated On: 10/1/2022